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6449 Old Alex Ferry Road ♦ Clinton, MD 20735 ♦ 301-576-3380
Hours: Tues - Fri 5:00 to 10:00 ♦ Sat & Sun 12:00 to 10:00 ♦ Closed Monday

LANslide is where players meet for cards, games, tournaments, special events, and more. Information on which sets are valid in the different Magic formats are found HERE (set list)

We offer League Play every Tuesday, Commander Night every Thursday, Friday Night Magic tournaments every Friday, and casual play every day. Our Magic community is growing, and we love to see new people to play, trade, and talk with. There is usually a game or two in progress every night.

Magic Duels, if you don't know, is MTG for the PC, and you can play the game here. Challenge the computer or play online against other Magic players.

Unstable Draft Weekend

Facebook page HERE
December 9th & 10th

$15 entry - 3 rounds swiss, pack per win

Silver-bordered cards can do interesting and unique things that regular black-bordered cards don't typically get to do, all in the name of fun, and the set's creative elements reflect that spirit.

Silver-bordered cardss are now legal in EDH, too. Have some fun, play crazy, get a free promo card just for playing, and maybe win a cool piece of art!

Ixalan Store Championship

Saturday, December 23rd. Facebook page HERE

Become the LANslide Store Champion, win great prizes!

  • Format - Sealed (6 Ixalan boosters), Top Eight draft
  • Entry: $30 Pre-registration, $35 at door
      Prize Support:
    • Winner - Exclusive Ixalan Playmat (pictured above)
    • Top Eight - Rivlas of Ixalan Deck box
    • Participation - Rivals of Ixalan promo card Ghalta, Primal Hunger
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